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How do I get them back? Rico Dorito. I had 9 tokens removed yesterday, noticed Today, upon downloading the update.

I got all three keys Tuesday night but didn't finish the raid and today after the update they disappeared and I did the raid again but it didn't give me them. My raid keys got removed after today's update I got the keys Tuesday night had the keys yesterday and now I don't. B wizzle Drifter Tamoz. We raided Tuesday, had a glitch which caused us to have to reset the game. Came back into the raid and decided to grab the chests only to find out I lost all 3 keys. I was the only one in our fireteam to have this happen. Bungie, can you help restore lost keys or did I spend 4hrs in the raid for nothing?

Also lost all three of my keys after beating the raid and then went into Raid again to collect chests. Engine, Aqueduct and Pipeline. Me quitaron las llaves de cofres raid y solo uso un personaje, solicito una solucion.

Dado que ayer jugue la raid y las consegui y hoy ya no las tenia mas. Last week I had the Transfer key, went to go in and use it the next day and it was lost. I was pissed but it was one key so was like oh well. Now, this week I had 3 keys that we got last night for getting up to Calus. I had Ventilator, Engine and Drain keys. It was late last night so I logged off. I logged in today and attempted the NF then afterwards was like lets go open the chests and low and behold all 3 are gone AGAIN this week.

If this is going to be a weekly occurance what's the point of even getting the keys? I am the only one in my fireteam that has had this happen. I only play on my Warlock. I played a little on my hunter and titan previously but not for a couple weeks now. I want my raid keys back.

200 Keys to Unlock Your Destiny (Electronic book text)

I am still trying to reach max power level and those chests help and now that's one less thing to help me achieve it. I beat the raid on my warlock on tuesday at around 10 or 11 AM and had three keys. I hadn't reset any characters and Like i stated it was after reset and my keys were all removed. I had pipeline, Irrigation, and Aqueduct. Why is everyone talking about the keys and not the raid-ruining calus glitch? Your bugs cost me 3 pieces of raid gear and Benedict spawning in the tower. Edit: as well as my first raid completion and 10 tokens.

So I just completed the raid and had my three keys Aqueduct, Pipeline, Irrigation. After completing we went to orbit and back in to go to the underbelly for the chests. Upon re-entering the raid my keys vanished.

6 Big Things Changed with the Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter Patch

I was the only one in the fireteam this happened to. Any help would be fantastic. Hours and hours of play for a reward. I want your lost keys more than a month to solve the problem. Has happened consistently the past 2 weeks, when the game has crashed or I've had to load back in.

Lost a total of 6 keys. Only raid on one character. This happened to me last night.

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Finished the raid. Went back to unlock the drain, irrigation, and ventilation chest when I noticed my keys are missing.

How can I get them back? I am over the age of AGE. Illegal Activity. Completing the forge, just like the others, will net you the final key to the Mysterious Box—but we are done, not yet. Take these items to Ada-1 in the tower and you will receive the next step of the quest. This part of the quest requires you to complete and hand in a rare Black Armory bounty.

Seminar #1

Black Armory bounties are randomly dropped when completing standard bounties from Ada When you turn in the bounty, you will receive an Obsidian Crystal. The next step requires you to complete the Shattered Throne, which is a 3-weekly event in the Dreaming City when the curse is at its highest. After that, you need to complete a special instance of the Pyramidion. This version will have its own unique modifiers which increases the damage of solar weapons and the frequency of heavy ammo.