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Billiards: Miscellaneous Strokes: Miscellaneous Strokes by W Broadfoot

Bryan Mero. Works of Francis Galton. Francis Galton. Into the Light. David Bigwood. One disadvantage of a piston stroke is that tip-contact-point accuracy might be more difficult to control. The blue curves in the top three plots red curves in the bottom two plots represent forward acceleration.

A positive acceleration implies slowing in the backward direction e. A negative acceleration implies slowing in the forward direction e.

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Notice how it is nearly identical to the shapes in the warm-up strokes which I think are fairly firm. I think the entire forward stroke, before impact, is represented by the tall peak. The final forward stroke is much faster and more forceful than the warm-up strokes. After the peak, and before impact, the acceleration appears to go negative a little, implying he was actually decelerating a little before impact if you trust the sensor, its calibration, and the data acquisition.

At impact, the signals go wild due to shock waves and vibration. In the first two plots softer strokes , the acceleration is still positive at impact, implying that the cue stick is speeding up during the entire forward stroke e. Andreas does not appear to have a distinct pause at the transition between the back and forward stroke because the acceleration curve would be flat at zero if there were a deliberate pause.

The spike before impact represents the entire forward stroke, not any weird wrist action.