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Gary Martin. Retrieved 4 April Benham, W. Gurney New York: G.

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Putnam's Sons. English proverbs and proverbial phrases PDF. London: Reeves and Turner. A compleat collection of English proverbs PDF.

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London: W. Otridge, S. Paris: Hachette et cie. London: George Bell and Sons.

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Concise Dictionary of English Proverbs. New York: Routledge. London: J. Dent and Sons. Adams, Western Folklore , Vol.

Retrieved 27 June Dalberg-Acton- Essays on Freedom and Power. Boston: Beacon Press. Retrieved 9 April No pain, no gain. Safety first. Look after your clothes when they're spick-and-span, and after your honour when you're a young man.

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The Lord helps those who help themselves. Economy is a good servant but a bad master. So near and yet so far. The mills of God grind slowly. There is One that is always on the lookout. Third time is a charm. Trust in God, but steer away from the rocks.

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God does not give horns to cow that butts. Loose lips sink big ships. A fool's tongue runs before his feet. Be swift to hear, slow to speak.

How to hang with a fool proof finish

Every barber knows that. A great ship needs deep waters. A beard doesn't make a philosopher. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

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Hard words break no bones. His eyes are bigger than his belly. There will be our turn to triumph. Be that as it may. Whatever betide. To rule the roost. Learn Russian every day for free!