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It is true that we need calcium to keep our bones strong and prevent the onset of osteoporosis, but 'dairy' products are neither the only nor the best source of calcium. We can obtain all our calcium requirements from other foods such as green leafy vegetables: kale, spring greens, broccoli; enriched soya milk, calcium-set tofu, calcium-enriched orange juice, dried figs, sesame seeds, tahini, molasses etc. If you want to continue consuming a product similar to milk, but free from suffering and death, you can opt for a variety of plant based milks which can be found in any supermarket these days.

At many supermarkets and most health food stores you can also choose to try almond milk, oat milk or delicious rice milk. Butter can be substituted with many brands of vegetable margarine, and there are several vegan cheeses on sale at health food stores. You can also buy very good quality vegan cream and ice-cream from most supermarkets and all health food stores. In any case, without using direct substitutes there are already endless delicious vegan recipes which will never require any type of milk or dairy replacement, as well as the countless ways to replace dairy in our diet.

Happy Cows Really Do Make Better Milk

Sources: FAWC, Report on the Welfare of Dairy Cattle. Farm Animal Welfare Council.

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The Welfare of Dairy Cows. Compassion In World Farming Trust. Skip to main content. Photos Videos Media centre United Kingdom.

From Grass to the Glass! - Happy Cow Creamery

You are here Home. The fate of her calves Female calves may go on to be used for milk but it is not always the farmer who breeds them that ends up carrying on their exploitation. Even PETA allows the spots are clever. California dairy operations, home to 1. California passed Wisconsin in milk production in , said Fletcher, and is second only to Wisconsin in cheese.

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It is in the best interest of dairy farmers, said Fletcher, to maintain cows in comfortable surroundings, employ temperature controls and provide the animals a quality diet. Anyone who watches the commercials knows they are whimsical attempts to advertise cheese and the benefits of buying products from California," he said. In today's complaint, PETA argues the ads' representation that California cows are kept under conditions of ease and comfort is a fiction in the majority of California's dairies.

That may be a difficult case to prove. About Us. If happy cows produce better milk, and happy chickens produce better eggs What's the ROI?


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