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May God bless you. Continue to pursue Him. Very well spoken and scriptural sound too! Appreciate both your time and effort on this subject. May God Bless you and keep you is my prayer! Marylyn, thank you for your kind and encouraging words, and for your prayers!! Thanks so much for these 5 steps. I needed to hear those…I really want my focus to be totally fixed on the Lord. Sometimes it helps to just go back to some of these simple, basic steps.

Gene, thank you so so much for the great teaching, knowledge, and the encouragement, especially in times like this. The world its so scary, we need God like never before. We need to pay more attention in His Word. And also to pray for children, may our good God grant us more strength, wisdom and revelation. God bless you and your family. Hi Doris, thank you so much for these encouraging words! The world most certainly is changing and it IS scary. The best thing to do is to keep at it, step by step and day by day. Stay faithful! I believe if you follow these 5 steps, it will make a big difference, it sure has for me.

More importantly, rely on that point you made: his grace and mercy daily! I pray for my readers and I will gladly include you as well!! Its indeed a great article, i will really love to be mentor under you sir,if [permitted to. Hi Harrison, thank you for your encouragement! Blessings to you, too! Much encouraging… Purposing to keep focused on God…. This was very helpful, be encouraged and keep on writing , someone is reading Let God continue to use you as his vessel. Thank you, Thomas. I love that about God, and he receives the praise for any help, understanding, encouragement and all that anyone gains through what is published in these pages!

I thank you for the information. I have been having difficulties in all areas of my life lately. I have been searching for a way to get closer to God and clean up my life. Every morning i would pray and worry about everything. This is what i have been looking for and i thank God that he directed toward your page.

Blessing to you and your family and again thank you. I know what you mean about those struggles and the need to get closer to God. Thank you for letting me know how to pray for you as I have now done, and blessings to you as well! Hi Ceejay, wow…you raise a great point: spiritual gifts are not taught as much as they could be. I have not yet written any resources on the subject, but I will add that to my list of topics to cover.

Your steps are simple, yet so powerful. I needed a reminder that it not about the long prayers, its all about staying focused on Jesus and shutting off the distractions. Thank you and God bless you, man of God. Hi Lee, thank you for your heartfelt message. Those waiting seasons are so difficult, I know. Sometimes it seems like God is far away from the waiting.

This is exactly what I need to know to start with and make big changes in my life. I have been disturbed with so may distractions. Now I decided to focus on our God. He deserve to be serve. Big help.

Want to download this Bible study to help you stay focused on God?

God bless you brother. Hi Lara, I am so glad you found this post helpful for you to stay focused on God. The distractions do come so easily, but with thoughtful effort and a little discipline, we can set our eyes on the Lord and keep them there more consistently.

Thank you for your kind words and God bless you, too! I find it interesting that a person can focus on God by reading His Word in the morning and talking to Him about the current day. In my opinion, another way to do this is to join a Bible study session at a local church. Totally agree, Tim. There is a great value in studying the Bible with others. Different perspectives, ideas, and questions that come up can bring further clarity in a study.

I hope to use your good and inspiring ideas to teach my people. Remain blessed. Feel free to use anything you like on this site to teach your people, giving God the glory. Blessings to you, friend! Very interesting points thank you so much brother,easy to understand and much needed points for today youths.

Thank you, Mani! Thank you Gene for posting this. I am going through a break-up after 12 years of a relationship, and I am finding it extremely difficult to refocus on God. I am starting to realize that I focused more energy and attention to my relationship than on God. I know that God knows best and is resetting both my ex and I to where He needs us to be. Your article is encouraging me and reminding me that if I just keep focused on Him, I will get through this.

Hi Susan, That certainly is a difficult time, yet I can see a sense of spiritual maturity and growth taking place in your realization of attention in relationships. There will be struggle, frustration and maybe some pain in the process but stay in the One who loves you more than anyone else can and you most definitely will come through this. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Scott Fitzgerald.

Want to download this Bible study to help you stay focused on God? Suggested resources for staying focused on God. Products from Amazon. Growing in Christ. Living the Psalms: Encouragement for the Daily Grind.

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Price: Check on Amazon. A Year with C. Comments Your words are so encouraging and very practical. I really appreciate this work of God in you. Thanks for widening my spiritual life. God bless u. Jesus is what I need… William. Hi William, Interesting you said stressful days that you created. Hi Ruddy, Wow, thank you for that encouraging message! Thank you for sharing your story, I have prayed that He will guide you in this! Thank you, Doreen! And my prayers are with you as you purpose to stay focused on the Lord!! God bless you man of God thank you so much for helping me understand the word more deeper.

Thank you, Paul! What other topics or Bible passages would be most helpful to you? It is very possible and there is hope for us all. God bless you. Thinking i am going to say something wrong or i have an evil heart. You know what else has helped me so much. And the fact that you are trying to find solutions to the thoughts is a testament in itself that you want to be rid of them because of your love for God.

Fearing them and being anxious over the thoughts will not help, but instead will feed the thoughts. And instead of praying in fear and worry of the thoughts, just simply ask God for His help to remove them and also read. Read the Bible or there are many 30 day scripture studies online that you can find where you read a different scripture everyday for 30 days. God bless you always. Actually you should be praying only to God in the name of Jesus. It is only through the grace of Jesus that we are able to approach God in prayer.

There is power in the name Jesus, speak that power over what you are going through. I have been going through the same thing, I think at some point in every believers walk, you will experience this. Put your trust in Him and claim victory over the evil. If you know the thoughts do not line up with the Bible or what you believe, then they are from somewhere else. You have to break that cycle, make some changes. Go walk barefooted on the earth and slow yourself down, pray while you walk, breathe deep and remember that this too shall pass.

Start seeing yourself where you will be and not where you are. The power of thought and words are a lot greater than you think. If you start speaking positivity and power into your life, you will have it. As a man thinketh in his heart, so he will be. Proverbs It takes time but it is so important. If you get down on yourself, remember that God is your creator, He makes no mistakes.

It was just a couple months ago that I was so crippled with fear and doubt that I was in a constant brain fog and could barely go to work. Find ways of relaxing and not worrying so much. Take a nice salt and mineral bath while reading your bible. Turn off your phone and spend an evening in nature now and then or even better, daily. Reconnect with the way that God intended us to live.

He created what is in nature for us, go out there and find peace. Starting your day off the right way is so important as well. First thing, give thanks for all that God has done for you and will do. Just practice being thankful for every little thing, your worries will fade. Jesus said… These things I leave with you that you might have peace in Me, for in this world you will have tribulation hard times , but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world. John Just remember that many people in the Bible passed through trying times and it was God that saw them through.

Hold fast to your faith. Jeremiah Deuteronomy Romans Romans I know without a doubt that this absence of the armor of His word had left room for Satan to work his way into my thought patterns. My marriage went through a tough period lately from the steady, constant stream of worry that has been blanketing deep insecurity of mine. The worry has taken more a piece of me each day. I am ashamed. I am really excited to read the rest of this! I have found this article really helpful because I was unable to sleep at night because of thoughts of fear and during the day, I would sin a lot because of sinful thoughts coming into my mind o but now I am very happy that I am able to get rid of those thoughts.

I praise the Lord because he wanted me to come across this article because he knew this was my problem. May God bless the creator of this article. Ashley, this is exactly why I am writing these things. I enjoyed this information and found it helpful. I have people I love who tell me the darkest things they have done and it makes me want to throw up.

I been very strong but lately i feel how much more can one take. Perhaps I can help you with that. Here is a link to a page of Scripture Memory Excerpts Read these articles. They tell you what to do, why you should do it benefits and how to do it. All the details are in these articles. So do I, Kene. So what I do is read the verses I want to remember once per day. Eventually I can say them from memory. How long does it take? That depends on the person. He knows what you really meant to say. Sehr hilfreich info speziell Rest Teil Deal mit wie Information viel.

Translation to English: Great post. Very helpful info specifically rest part deal with how much information. I used information very long ago. Thank you and good luck. Love your writings Jan. Hi I have been checking the thoughts when a bad thoughts come I try to replace it with a positive word and its got so bad did it for 5 years. If I memorize the Word will it take those thoughts go even if I played with it to get it out of my head for 5 years : do I have hope.

Mr Jan, Talk about unwanted thoughts. Can you suggest anything I might be able to do? I will say that through this I am learning just how totally not in control I am — that I NEED Him, and I pray now more than I ever have, and I recite scripture and read the bible more than I ever have, but I get totally overwhelmed and feel like a failure each. As I get into bed, I ask God to protect me from all unwanted thoughts.

I ask Him to help me to go to sleep quickly. I say to God that I only want God-honoring thoughts if any to come to mind. I would urge anyone to do this. Because I have made Him the top priority in my life.. He seems to be on my side and helping me sleep. I go to bed earlier than most so that I can get up before others and give that time to God.

Thanks, I need better practice at quoting the Word against Satan. I so grateful to God. I will take this and apply it to my life thank you. Thank you so much for this article. I understand so much now. You are very correct, We need to read and memorize the scripture, along with obeying what God has written in his word. I do struggle with reading the bible but I want to find the strength and Godly motivation to keep going, reading his word everyday and finding myself being closer to God, and establishing a intimate relationship with him.

May God bless you for this and let his Holy name be glorified! I have been tormented by impure, disgusting,and very much unwanted thoughts lately. Its making me feel crazy and sick. I am a Christian and I have been trying to overcome this. Its stealing my life. What should I say when these thoughts and images come?

Thank you for your help. I only want to have God-honoring thoughts in my mind. Thank you in advance for doing it again today. But now I am getting so much better. I asked God in all honesty to help me to have a strong sound spiritual mind as He promised.

21 Beautiful Verses to Heal a Broken Heart - Beliefnet

He thought me to always lean and trust on His word His scriptures. He did it all. So go to Him believing that He hears and will do all and beyond you ask. Then watch your self kick back lavishing in His promises and Goodness. Thank you so much for that. I have been struggling with impure and unwanted thoughts for a while now. Thank you for this post and for showing the truth, that we can be free. But only through Jesus and His liberating Word. I plan on reading my Bible a lot more and remembering Bible verses. I am going to be free. I declare this in faith and in the name of Jesus.

Thank you so much! God bless you! Hey, Timmy! Thanks for taking time to write and to declare your willingness to take a stand against the devil. I just want to mention one thing, though. He has to flee because the power is in the Word! Very good teaching, but I also believe that fasting also removes spirits that have deeply lodged within ones soul.

I personally suffered bpd, which was inherited as well as depression, jesus explained to the apostles some spirits will only be removed by prayer and fasting God Bless you your sister in christ Amanda jane. I love reading your articles. I have done all that are in these articles priorior but I continue to keep my mind renewed. What mainly stuck out to me is scripture memorizing. It time I add more. To my memory bank. You are Blessed To God be the. To all who say they are having reoccurring bass thoughts forgive your self ask God for forgivness.

Also, count it all joy. You are actually going through mind Olympics. God is training your mind. Stand on The truth. Put on the full armor of God daily. Never give up. This is not a part time endeavor its afull-time life style. There are 12 months in a year and 12 years in school for a reason. It takes time. Thanks so much for your kind and sincere words. It makes my day to hear from someone who has taken a step of faith by actually doing these things that I urge people to do.

It adds credibility to my claims when others who read the comments see that it actually works! I thank God for your write up am in this thoughts since when I was seven years old, I had a thought that say who wrote the bible, who were there and so many and since then I have been under this boundage for 42 years, thank be to God what I read tonight will be of help to me, attacking evil thoughts with the word of God thanks. Thanks for kind words, Miranda. God poured a lot of wisdom into me through lots of adversity. Hi grt article. I had mild state of hocd for abt 3 months. I have used the word of God like u said and The thoughts do not bring anxiety anymore.

Bt sometimes usually struggle with checking. I struggle with disciplining my mind wen m bored of frustrated. I think positively wen m happy especially wen m at church. I do it with eace. Sometimes i even forget them. Bt wen m bored i check if the thoughts are still there n if i am able to think of these thoights. Can u gve advice regarding being disciplined wen m frustrated or bored? Thabang, my advice in all these things is always to invite God to help you to get through it.

The more you do that, the easier it becomes. You might compare it to learning to play the piano or the violin. At first, it seems impossible. But if you keep practicing, eventually you can do it. Or, you might compare it to strengthening your muscles. The first time you lift the weights, it seems that nothing changes.

But over time, you get stronger. Then God gives you bigger weights! He wants to transform you into a super-conqueror! Thank you so much for your reply and wonderful work in the ministry. U right wen u say it takes time, but once u get it, its amaxing and it becomes ur second nature. I have realized our thoughts life is 1 of the most important part of our lives. God has really healed me from fear and hocd. I will forever work on scripture memorization and meditation bcos the devil does nt stop to attack so we must also nt stop attacking. Its unbelivable wht the Word of God does wen u speak it and believe it with youtr heart.

What u wrote here s powerful and life changing, i pray everyone who reads it will be committed to do all this. God bless u. Thank you Jan for your direction with Gods words of truth and power. We as Christians forget the power of his words, I will start to read his word daily and use your tips which are Gods promises to everyone who will believe in them. I thank you brother Jan you have made me begin to be the man that I want to be for God especially for my family!

God is blessing you with great works within his flock! Thanks, Peter. I was relieved of them thank God. So why has all this doubt of me loving my son has come from. Nj, you have raised an important point. Now that you know the truth, why do these thoughts keep coming into your mind? You have to understand: Satan and his demons are like cockroaches.

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They never go away; they just hide for a while and then come back. And verses come to mind frequently. I have anxiety and OCD. The thoughts are driving me nuts. It bothers me because it is incredibly offensive. It makes me feel disgusting to think these thoughts about my Creator.

The problem is that not only are the thoughts there, but the thoughts to control the thoughts are corrupt too. When I was younger, He used to make them disappear without any effort. It was an amazing gift but I must have gotten distracted, and it must have gotten overwhelming and I think it pushed me away. I try to pray and arm myself with God because I know that the devil is trying to separate me from Him because I am so ashamed.

But that is not something I want to happen now as a born-again Christian. It is seriously stressing me out, causing me pain. God help me. RG, did you read the article that you are commenting on? If so, have you tried doing what I urged readers to do? And they cannot coexist. You have the power to choose which thoughts you want in your mind. Choose wisely! I totally understand how u feel I also have a intrusive thoughts and its heart breaking because I want them out of my head. Hi, Joel, After reading your comments, I went back and did a quick review of the article.

Everything you need to know is in there. Amen i hv red the message is so profound. What if fear came on you and you forgot to use word of God and allowed your fear of failing God get you tell. Hello, I just want to thank you for your ministry and tell you what a blessing this blog post has been to my life.

I often have terrible thoughts that run through my mind. Thoughts that are not in my heart but happen to pop up. And I know they are from the enemy. I clicked on it and started to read. Every word you wrote just awakened something in me. And, I just feel refreshed and hopeful. God is really using you to help the lost. Rachel, I have to tell you a little story: When my oldest son, Joe, was a small boy, he and his grandfather built a birdhouse together. We put it up in the middle of a flower garden in our back yard.

One day, we discovered that birds had built a nest in it. Joe was astonished! My point is, that was my own attitude when I began writing this blog. I had no idea how God would use it for His purposes. This article has been read over 75, times! God is using Google and the internet and bunch of technology companies, and a guy who is about to turn 75 years old to put His wisdom out in the world where people can find it.

This is honestly the best moment of my life! I have felt peace. Simply reading you article was a light revealing the Path to God. I have suffered from demonic thoughts which choke my life every day. What a good day it is to be saved by God this day. Glory to God, Blessed be the one who sits on the Throne of Mercy. Thank you so much for sharing your heartfelt impression about this article. Made me weep with joy! I have discovered that the more I choose to quickly turn to God when the enemy attacks, the easier it is and the stronger I become.

I feel it, but the joy of drawing near to God is so much stronger.

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This has been a powerful message in helping to know how to battle the thoughts of your mind! May God allow you to reach out to all saved and lost persons of this world!!! Thanks for your comment, BJ. I was thinking: if you have any social media accounts, you could help others by putting a link to this article out there. It sometimes feels like when I move closer to God, then immediately stronger attacks happen to make me fearful and nervous and doubt.

But I will keep seeking God. I have lived so many years after the tune of trying harder, and as you write it only leads to failure and self blame. Now I want to let that go, and not worry as the Bible says. Trust, surrender and not worry. Thank you again. Kristine, it delights me no end to know that somehow God worked through me to show you these truths so that you can live in the victory that Jesus has already provided for you. Hi, Anju, You said that whan you read the scriptures you feel peace.

Am I understanding you correctly? When I found that the same thing forgetting was happening to me, I made a plan to refresh my mind on scriptures that I had memorized in the past. I read through and speak them out loud one or two days each week. That seems to help keep them available in my conscious memory. I am thirteen year old boy, and a Christian. I thought that I must not be a real Christian, since I thought that a real Christian would be able to handle those thoughts.

But I read your article, and I am going to try what you suggest! It is very encouraging, and I thank you for writing it. Hi, Dean. I commend you for being smart enough at age 13 to even ask for help. You are indeed a Christian. Those thoughts of doubt are being slipped into your mind by a demon. They specialize in leading people into sinful behavior, then accusing you before the throne of God. But Jesus paid the penalty for your sins on the cross.

You cannot succeed just by trying harder. Just think: did your parents disown you when you made mistakes? Of course not! And neither does God. Thank you Jan. I am continuing to trust that God loves me, even through my mistakes. I recently as a Christian, have been having racing thoughts about the vision of hell and the demonic attacks I have have ever since I was a little kid.

Now, i have nothing but questions I ask the Lord daily. Of course I only hate the devil and of course I love Jesus christ. I rebuked the devil countless times as I have racing thoughts. Anyone know what i could do? Chris, I commend you! You have a remarkably good grasp of what is going on between you and the devil.

What you need to do is arm yourself with some ammunition from the Word of God, so that you can blast the devil with it when he tries to knock you down or mess with your mind. Pray for me please. I enjoyed this article, I need this information to give to my friends. Thanks again.. God bless.. I am so thankful. I now know lotta of things. I have the knowledge now, what I need is the wisdom. I will put this into practice.

May God continue to use you. The way you presented is amazing. Much love from East Africa. Head knowledge is only step 1. I have been having this horrible thought as well about God. Thank God for this. What a wonderful message, Eric! Hello , I am a women and I have been loosing my hair for the last 16mnts. It has caused me to be anxious and depressed. Please pray for me! Burnetta, you know what? You are unique! Pay no attention to the stupid beauty standards that the world sets up.

His opinion is the only one that really matters. Would you suggest scriptures that deal with, or destroy, the plans, schemes, and efforts of the enemy in our lives? For one verse, Jesus said that He has come so that He might destroy the works of the devil. How do we apply scriptures to those specific situations that are causing upheaval, upset, loss, etc. Love this beautiful words.

I Pray that God will continue to empower you sir. Please i dont know if this request is right, i need someone that can sharpene me by God grace, help me to grow spiritually. No one want to listene to me for a long time but hope i can find here thanks. And thank you for your wonderful prayer for me. I am blessed by your words!

I will send you a private message regarding the other issue you mentioned. I want to first of all appreciate the grace of God upon your life and ministry sir. You are one of those sent by God to build faith in the life of believers and to awaken the sleeping saints strong men. I thank you so much.

Words are not enough to show my gratitude on what God has used you to do in my Christian race through your message here. Thanks a lot and God keep you strong and obedient in what He has called you to do for Him on earth till you see Him in Glory in Jesus name. Thank you for your kind words, Gideon! I feel like I have been angry at God for so long and reading your post helped me see how desperately I need him. I think I have felt like he must prove himself to me and I see the ridiculousness in that now. God is so good and bless your for reminding me of that.

Alison, thank you for your kind words. And He has given us His Son, Jesus. And He has given us the Holy Spirit. And then He has given us His Word, without which we are helpless and at the mercy of an enemy who shows us no mercy. Thank You so much, I love the Lord Me and my husband are believers in God, but every time I am trying to focus on the lord, the enemy puts foul thoughts in mind to cause me to be shameful and weak, but praise God for his people on this earth to minister to his people the solution that helps us to keep on our Journey in Christ with evidence of his help and his word.

God Bless You. God Bless you real good. Hi, Christie! Thanks for sharing. In fact, that was not your thought at all. That thought was very cunningly slipped into your mind by Satan or one of his demons. They do this to everyone. But God Will Be there for you. Im 18 yrs old and i realized how strong God is in my life. Yhwh, thanks for writing. Then he runs to the court of heaven and accuses you before God and demands permission to afflict you with misery. I commend you for knowing these things at such a young age. I had no knowledge of any spiritual details at that age.

Good for you! I took the time to read this even here during my night shift. Thank you for writing, John. Choosing for husband but instead told God let me go back to world run own life forgetting that is devil side. Then I hardened heart and left faith. I have been wanting God and Jesus to grant me salvation again so I can back on their side and God has given me reprobate mind and hardened heart. I want back on God side. Repent and ask God to come back into your heart and he will… He has never left you. We are the once that leave him. If you want back with God just pray and ask him to come back to your life and I promise he will….

Thank you for this article. It brought so much peace to my mind. I have been tormented by fearful thoughts but I have learned to devour the word of God. I meditate on it day and night, it is the only weapon against the negative thoughts. They come at me thicke and hard but I know and I believe that it is all about to come to an end. I am determined to live a godly blessed life. I am keeping the word of God before me.

Thank you for the adticle. It was a God send. Tasha, thanks so much for your comment. Share it with others that you may know who are struggling. Hi iv been battling with dis issue alot of unwanted thoughts dat i cnt control because of past mistakes, some can be insults on someone or anger from no were pls i really need help on how to control these thoughts cos i always consider it as a sin to God.

Please read it carefully and do what it says. Jesus will help you. He uses the strain of suffering to make you more like Jesus. Psalm Blessed is the man whose delight is the law of the lord and who meditates on it day and night. I am so grateful that God led me to this article! It has really helped me. The devil really works hard on my mind! I was praying so hard! Even as I would read His word the devil threw thoughts into my mind! Calling the Bible a lie and telling me what I was reading was crazy! So I googled and was led to your article.

God bless!!!! You just made my day! Lile really? Jessica, God loves you. Pastors and people like me are trying — however imperfectly — to explain that God wants us to become disciples of Jesus. God wants that for every one of us. I and others are also trying to explain that there are evil beings Satan and his demons in the invisible realm that are fighting against God so as to draw us away from God. This is a cosmic battle. God only takes care of soldiers. Civilians are on their own. His supernatural power is available to every one of His soldiers.

Everyone can be a soldier, but most are not. Are you? You see, those negative thoughts are there because you have allowed them to be there. Those thoughts are there because Satan and his demons have put them there. You and I, like it or not, are in the middle of a great battle that began before the earth was formed, between Satan and God. Satan is so full of pride that he actually believes that he can our-maneuver God and keep control of this world we live in.

God has given us all we need in order to stand firm against the devil and his demons. Only when you choose by faith to cooperate with God, and do things His way; only then can you enjoy the freedom that God has made available to you. The article above has a fairly good recipe for what to do and how to do it. The battle you are in is taking place in your mind. But you have more control than you know. You can control what goes into your mind.

10 Scriptures on Spiritual Warfare to Help You in Battle

But Satan has constructed the thinking of most who call themselves Christians such that they just want an easy-chair solution that will allow them to get on with their real life without any discomfort. That is not the Christian life. Read my series of articles on Scripture memory. Read those articles and do what they tell you to do. Do it!

Hi, Pam, Everything you need to know and do is either in this article, or in the supporting articles that are linked to this one. Click Here to go directly to that summary list. You have a part in the process, but God will help you once you get started. Thanks Jan for your support in the ministry that God has given you to share with all of us who need it.

Jesus won and so can we. But only through the love of Jesus Christ. Thank you again and again. Maybe you should come back and read it over again. Hello I am very fortunate to have found this article. I hope God gives me his blessing and I can overcome my weakness. I am an absolute believer, and sometimes find myself as the character in scripture who leads others away from God by making them think we can sin because it is forgiven. I know this and acknowledge this. It is the only truth in this world. Paxton, your comment is very well stated. Most of those unwanted thoughts perhaps all of them?

They are relentless. So let me encourage you to get a few verses into your mind and into your heart. Rehearse them over and over in your mind. Then, when the test comes — and it will — you will be ready. This Blog is very sobering! Thanks for creating it. I made a post up above, I would encourage anyone that follows this blog to read it, please, I do believe it will be greatly helpful for you.

I am sorry that so many people are experiencing this terror of mind. Help us to receive your grace, to extend forgiveness, and to not lose heart. We really do need you God, and confess that if you do not save us, we will not be saved. You are our only hope. Please Father, look on the Son and be pleased. Make you word alive, not just mere words to be read, but a savior to be marveled. Help the sons and daughters, the mothers and fathers represented in this blog.

Keep our kids in you mercy. Let us not be made afraid by the enemy of our souls. He is not as big as He supposes. He is the one who is blind, pitiable, and poor. Cursed above all the livestock. Yes Lord we too were cursed, but you have ransomed us back from that curse. You have grouped yourself with transgressors. You count yourself with us, and not against us.

We love you. We need you. This is what it looks like to have faith, but we want freedom. In Jesus name. The second was a book my wife and son got me last year for my Birthday, it instantly made me joyful. These two books are absolutely essential to anyone going through this, I cannot stress it enough. Seek Him above all guys. He can be found. And more then that, He will find us.

Not even death can separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus. For whether we are alive or asleep we will appear with him, the great watcher of mankind, the Sheppard and overseer of our souls. Its not to condemn you, but sinful patterns have to warred against.

Hell is real, Gods wrath is real, and our sin is real. We are disigned by God, for his pleasure. Some of you do not like yourself very much at all, and that is somewhat fine. Self Esteem, cant even save you. Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind?

Is it not I, the Lord? Will we trust God is enough?! A bigger view of God is what is needed. He is mighty. He makes the deaf? Then what about our situation of mental torment? Is He absent? No, God has ordained such things. He is sovereign over all people. Be sure, our bodies will not stand the test of time, but our souls where made to live forever.

We will live forever with Jesus, or die forever in hell. One way or another suicide will not take away that reality. So if any are thinking about that as a solution, I can assure you it is not one. I tell myself that daily. I will stand before Him, no matter if its today, or 30 years from now. No escaping that. And in fact I want that to be a joyous occasion, so I fight to make Christ my own, because He has made me His own.

We must stand now. That coming from a guy who slept till today, because of the immense pain. He is sufficient for us. Do not be faithless. But even if we are Faithless, He is faithful, for He cannot deny Himself. We have such a resting place in Jesus. Lets lay our heads on Him. I hope this also is encouraging. I hope you will choose to do what I have written in the article. Thank you for this article though and thank you for taking the time to respond to each of our comments. I just want to thank you so much for taking the time out to write all of this.

I have been in desperate need of peace. The torment from Satan has been extremely heavy. I pray over myself all the promises of God and also put in on armour of God in the morning. I feel it truly helps. There is power in the blood and nothing but Jesus alone!! Thank you, Devon! But as I learned more, God called me to write about the things He taught me. You will be able to live in peace! I have been thinking of the same thing over and over again.

Hi, Seth, If you read the article, you know what to do. But knowing and doing are two different things. Keep declaring the Truth. The more you think it, the stronger it gets. You get to choose.

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Thank you God, thank you Jesus for guiding my mind to seeking out this message. Thank you Jan for this article and your words of God and truth. I am being saved from the devil for he will not have my heart. My heart belongs to God. In life we all need to fall in order to get back up stronger than before. God has given us free will and with that, it is choice of heart where we chose to go.

God was always with me. Times may be tough, I may have lost her, my job, and precious time through sadness and sense of self, but I have not lost my faith in God. The power of heaven flows inside me. Inside us all! The devil is a LIAR! Truth comes from God and I will open my heart to him.

I love myself as I love God. I know that at the end of the dark tunnel, there is light and that light is the divine holiness of God waiting to bathe me in its essence, cleansing me of all sin. I encourage all else to keep walking forward. The past is of old as we are in the present creating a heavenly future in gods name. Together in faith we can overcome the devil and receive the love of God.

It was fate leading me to this site so that I can open my eyes and see that all is well. God bless us all! Steven, what a great recovery you are on! But God is great, and I know you will cone out of that tunnel.