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Kimball, There are others, but I choose to emphasize these. True love requires personal action. Love must be continuing to be real. Love takes time. Too often expediency, infatuation, stimulation, persuasion, or lust are mistaken for love. How hollow, how empty if our love is no deeper than the arousal of momentary feeling or the expression in words of what is no more lasting than the time it takes to speak them.

Real love does take time. Love demands action if it is to be continuing. Love is a process. Love is not a declaration. Love is not an announcement. Love is not a passing fancy. Love is not an expediency. Love is not a convenience. Love of family takes time. Love of country takes time. Love of neighbor takes time. Love of companion takes time. Love in courtship takes time.

Like gysers, these women. The Chosen. Their entire existence irks me: a group of women bred to serve the Scribe Virgin, feed unmated warriors, and pop out kids. I understand the necessity of their role, but must they spout phrases like, "I have been properly cleansed for your use. You may inspect me, should you wish All said in a mournful tone implying shame at not providing sexual service.

It's offensive. Let's move on to the Brothers themselves. This is where Ward shines and where I wish she'd spend more time. I think she'd be better at it. The Brothers' interactions are great. There's a sense of deep connection between them. They are there for one another no matter the circumstances. Even the damaged, anti-social Z reaches out in his own way. V and Butch remain favorites for their easy natures and capable attitudes. My one big gripe with the Brothers is the illogical adoption of gangsta culture.

All the "straight up" and "you feel me" doesn't ring true for any of them, with perhaps the exception of V. He's the only one who seems relatively consistent with it, while the others pepper their more formal speech with random slang--like kids trying to fit in with the cool crowd. They're hundreds of years old. These aren't speech patterns they grew up with. I oh so dearly wish it would stop. In the midst of the angst and shitkickers is a mysterious side story. This book introduces John Matthew, a scrawny kid who is destined for more. He's the kind of character who begs speculation, while also adding a thread of desperation and a new corner of the BDB universe to explore.

It's a change I'd welcome, since I think Ward needs to beef up her world--in particular, her antagonists. The lessers are incredibly weak as Big Bads go. Sure, they kidnap civilian vampires. But since Ward never shares their torture techniques or interrogation sessions, the threat feels remote. I know they're supposed to be dangerous slayers, but without more information they merely come off as inept redshirts. The Brothers easily shake them off and take them down. Their leader, Mr. X, does nothing but boss his underlings around and threaten them with the Omega.

Who is this Omega? What's his gripe? What's he capable of other than making one dude scream? If he's so powerful and intimidating, why can't he make his forces more capable? And why do they smell like fricken baby powder?! For God's sake.

BSO Dracula. Track 13- Love Eternal

The Brothers can smell them coming a mile away. Why saddle your forces with an early warning system that alerts the enemy? O is the only villain of substance, and it's because of who he is rather than the organization he's in. He's a creepy, twisted guy with a destructive and defiant streak.

He's full of calculated malice and likes getting his hands dirty. The lessers could be very different were he at the helm--they might actually get something done. For me, there was no thrill in the chase. Instead there was a lot of eye-rolling and innappropriate laughter. I'd hoped the background story of the Scribe Virgin, the Omega and the lessers would be enough to pick up the slack, but Ward's world has almost zero development outside the Brothers' door. I know this is PNR and so the focus is supposed to be on the romance.

But if you are going to hand me a passel of warriors and expect me to believe they are Big Strong Males fighting the Good Fight, give them a worthy foe. Give them a society worth saving. Give them a purpose outside of listening to rap, stalking women, and beating up some baby-powdered freaks. The current formula just doesn't do the trick. View all comments. Sep 06, K rated it it was amazing Shelves: adult , angsty , fantasy , emotional , favorites , favorites , romance. This book was absolutely amazing!! The plot was captivating and I never experienced a boring moment while reading! This book is about Rhage and Mary and their relationship.

Their relationship was bumpy from start but that's what kept me interesting. It wasn't just a normal fairy tale and they instantly fall in love with each other. I was actually surprised that Rhage "cheated" on Mary after he professed his love for her. I did not expect that at all! Mary's character development was so 5 Stars! Mary's character development was so interesting and well written. The progression of her disease was such a tear jerker! I cannot wait to read about that in the third book!!

View all 11 comments. Shelves: vampires , books-i-go-rabid-over , tortured-bad-boys , favorites , signed-by-author , my-hottie-harem , drinks-on-me , books-i-own , ebooks , author-j-r-ward. Oh man. Lover Eternal just breaks my heart. Rhage and Mary are exceptional characters. Together, they are mesmerizing. Who knew that a womanizing warrior like Rhage could love someone like Mary. They are so different from one another. What I also loved was the fact that Mary was a little hesistant with Rhage. She didn't just fall into his arms because of his looks and reputation. She is a smart woman who sticks to the truth about life, which is that it only happens once.

With her health on the l Oh man. With her health on the line, Mary takes cautious steps in this book where she learns to trust and love someone else. Mary and Rhage just may be my favourite couple of the BDB so far. Their love was believeable and if put in the same position as Rhage was, I think I would make the same decision he did.

Love Eternal | Lamp of the Universe

Thank the Virgin Scribe for her compassionate heart, that's all I have to say. This book is truly a happily ever after, and it couldn't have happened to a better couple. Favourite Quote: Butch came around in front, twisting his shirt he'd taken off into a rope. Thanks to all the lifting they'd been doing, the male's chest and arm muscles were thickening up, and he hadn't been small to begin with. He couldn't pull the kind of iron Rhage did, but for a human, the guy was a bulldozer. Shelves: series-romance , books-to-i-will-never-part-with , books-read-in , vampire-paranormal.

I am really kinda speechless after reading this book. Honestly, the other paranormal books I have read in the past few months have paled in comparison to these books so far. What makes it so different is the camaraderie between the Brothers and the heroes themselves are so unique in their own way. Rhage is such a womanizer. I really didn't know if I would like him or not. But, as the storyline progressed and his true nature starts to reveal itsel I am really kinda speechless after reading this book.

But, as the storyline progressed and his true nature starts to reveal itself, he was easily one of my favorite heroes of all time. He definately rates top 5 easily. For such a bad-ass, he was so tender and loving with Mary. His sacrifice at the end for her was amazing. I loved him. He is worthy of a happily ever after. Mary is another really well written heroine. I really liked her. I felt her insecurities, her hope that she may get better and the love she had for Rhage and the beast within him. Get your tissues out girls because I cried in this book.

When Mary finally breaks down in front of Rhage, I literally had to put the book down and wipe my eyes for several minutes. It's not all sadness and tears. It has some very funny moments in it. It is just the total package all around. Gosh between Wrath and Rhage I don't know which one I liked the best.

Now I am off to read Z's story I have a feeling I will like this one too! Rhage and The Beast 4. Gif-Partial Nudity view spoiler [ hide spoiler ] Wow! Here are just a few of my thoughts and feelings. Rhage - The Brothers call him Hollywood. Towering well over six feet eight, stronger than all the other warriors, all hard well endowed muscle, this vampire is flat-out drop-dead gorgeous!

Pure - Walking- Desire! A sex legend Rhage and The Beast 4. A sex legend in the vampire world. Women are attracted to him like bees on honey. He lives with a curse and the only way to keep it in line is through fighting and sex. As his story unfolds, you get to see the real man with all the emotional despair, his unhappiness and his unfulfilled desires. And while strong and deadly, the tenderness he has for Mary is beyond description!

I quickly found this not to be true and this tormented warrior completely won my heart! His unselfish love for Mary is one of the most touching I've read. Mary - I so admired this heroine! A warrior for sure in her own way. She has fought a hard battle and has the scars of proof scattering around her body. There are so many things I liked about Mary. She is compassionate and caring, going above and beyond to help someone in need. What I liked the most about her is how she stepped up for Rhage, going deep inside to his pain and her fight for him. Throughout most of the book I could not see how this could have a happy ending.

My heart nearly stopped in chapter 50! I held my breath and nearly shouted from relief in the next chapter! I love intense alpha warriors and Rhage certainly is all that and more. Her despair and his tenderness were palpable. If possible, I think I enjoyed this book more than the first. This was a darker read that kept my emotions all over the place! I also got a better glimpse into the amazing talent of this author. She took me into the world of two very lonely people, both suffering deeply, and created an amazing tender, poignant love story.

Added to this I learned more about the other brothers, was introduced to new characters and left me with an intense desire to immediately begin the next installment. Aug 05, Sandra rated it it was amazing Shelves: made-me-cry , panic-attack , reviewed-books , adult , sexy-males , paranormal-romance , awesome-characters , liked-the-characters-some-or-all , melting-inside-awwww , need-a-change-of-panties.

This is me after finishing Dark Lover Jesus Christ! What just happened? I'm shocked of how many feelings this book got out of me. Meet my Rhage. Let me start by saying Mary was really annoying me most of the time. She was constantly pushing Rhage away and he didn't even deserve it well, maybe once or twice. She was hurting him and because i love my darling Rhage so much, i wanted to hurt her too which isn't a good thing. But then she got a bit better, and i felt more connected to her. I liked her more. He was such a caring sweetheart , and i don't think anyone can NOT love him.

But what he did view spoiler [when he went away after he lost control of his beast when he nearly had sex with Mary, to find some other woman to have sex with instead? I actually did not believe he did it!!! I kept making up excuses even when he admitted it to her. Even though that screamed 'cheater' at me, i still loved him. I don't think it even fully sank in yet. What i loved? One word - beautiful. Lover Eternal was definitely much hotter from the previous book That's right.

Are you wet for me Mary? I think you are. I think you're covered in honey Then I want to mount you like an animal and look into your eyes as I come inside you. This is me the moment Now coming from me that's saying something because i never cry reading books or watching movies that REALLY rarely happens. My beautiful and breathtaking Zsadist is next! Come to mama, baby! Read this series if you haven't already!

You'll love it! View all 47 comments.

Five "Holy Wow" Stars "The musical lilt of her voice, the rhythm of her speech, the sound of her words, it all speed through him, calming him, comforting him. Movie-star beautiful. God he really was beautiful. I can't begin to explain ever Five "Holy I can't begin to explain everything that is in this fantastic story. It's EPIC!!!!

Once again it's multi layered with amazing lead characters that are extremely well developed with depth and purpose. Rhage has issues to deal with that affect him all the time, constantly It also integrates various other members of the BDB. The author keeps feeding us snippets of information about the different characters in anticipation of the next read If you love books were the hero is strong, powerful and charismatic, and loves his woman with a fierce intense passion then you will LOVE this book. I'm going to have her. I was sobbing towards the end This book has left me feeling like a ball of warm fuzz after taking me through so many emotions, my heart is fit to burst!!

Next up Zsadist!! I can't freaking wait I think I may have bonded!!! View all 51 comments. Shelves: brotherhood , owned-copy , curse , set-in-new-york , health-scare , dragon , favorite-series , beauty-and-the-beast , promiscuous-hero , plain-jane. This definitely gets five stars this time around. JR Ward wrote her own version of beauty and the beast but with some important changes. The beauty is the beast and the heroine is a 'Plain Jane' in her own eyes.

I loved how hard Rhage fell for Mary. He heard her voice and dropped like a ton of bricks. His steadfast love for her throughout this book was so appealing. Mary didn't want to believe that she could have a man who loved her that way, not with all the loss in her past, and the loss sure This definitely gets five stars this time around. Mary didn't want to believe that she could have a man who loved her that way, not with all the loss in her past, and the loss sure to come. She didn't know how to live in the day.

Rhage had learned the hard way to temper himself and to show self-control, and along comes the one female who makes that even harder than it's ever been. The Beast itself was such an interesting idea to the story, and risky. I mean, you don't think of that outside of high fantasy, but it's such an integral part of Rhage's story and the way it's written sells itself. I love the Brotherhood books, always will, and it was such a treat to go back and revisit one of the early stories. I didn't really have time for a reread, but I had to do it, and boy and I am glad I did. I will end up rereading through Lover Mine, I think.

Not a hardship for me, since I love those books. It was so much fun going back and seeing how the original brothers: Wrath, Rhage, Vishous, Tohr, Phury and Zsadist expand their circle. Zsadist as before got my attention and stole my heart and had me on a high as I saw the genesis of his story and where it goes he stole the book away from poor Rhage the first go around, to be honest.

Butch makes me sigh what a guy , Vishous is so fascinating and has this wow factor, and Phury, oh my darling Phury. And let's not even talk about how much I love John Matthew. Okay, let's. I adore him so much. My heart was breaking for JM as an abandoned pre-trans.

I wanted to hug him so bad. I'm glad he found the Brotherhood. My heart is wrenched thinking about all the anguish he is soon to face, but happy that he will find his mate in future books as well. I realize how much I under-appreciated Rhage. He really is a lovely guy on the inside. What he was in the past, he's learned the hard way, wasn't the best he could be, so when Mary comes along, he grabs at her with both hands even though he has logical fears that his curse could hurt her and keeps a distance as much as he can.

Mary, wow, what a woman. What she's gone through.

Punti chiave

First nursing her dying mother, and then herself facing an illness that robbed her of so much, even her hope and faith. When Rhage comes along, she doesn't have anything left to believe that a gorgeous guy like that could want to be with her. I had forgotten how low her confidence was in her appearance. It was hurtful to see that, but the fact that Rhage was all about her she was it for him, sigh really compensates for that. I can certainly understand. While most of us aren't ugly, we'd think we were on a Candid Camera show if a gorgeous guy like Rhage showed up and was intensely interested in us too.

Let's be honest. So the fact that she pushes him away for a significant part of the book I felt was understandable. The Lesser storyline has not ever been my favorite, but it feels more solid than it does later on in the series, more thought-provoking. While not my choice of villain, it works for this story. It is the bane of the vampire species and the reason why the Brotherhood exists. I can see that these characters are real for Ward.

Because she believes in them, they feel so real to me. I loved the thoughtful way she has written this story, with a lot of pop culture, but deep true things about humanity and the feelings that are universal to the human existence. Who would have thought that a story about vampires and other so-called mythical things could be so authentic. They are treasured characters to people who consider themselves Black Dagger Brotherhood fans, flaws and all. I feel like I've gone through a family album with this reread.

Mar 25, Exina rated it liked it Shelves: alpha-males , emotional , sacrifice-self-sacrifice , disease , irritating-hero , insta-love , complex-characters , drama , m-f , friendship. I know that many of the fans favor Rhage from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

And although it is not my first read, and I really tried, but still, I failed to like him, or his story. In Lover Eternal , my main complaint is the alteration or revealing the true nature? I prefer the devilish, funny, sexy Rhage he was before, not the weeping, whining, peevish man he has become. Rhage wants Mary to be honest with him, to share her feelings and fears with him, to let him I know that many of the fans favor Rhage from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Rhage wants Mary to be honest with him, to share her feelings and fears with him, to let him into her life in a couple of days.

Unspoken words, hidden facts, and mistaken assumptions poison their relationship. Of course, in time they get over this I'm not saying I hated the main characters but I was disappointed. I cried with him over that bowl of rice. I love that scene. Distinguishable antagonist, a psychopath. Really terrifying. Their story seems really intriguing. My favorite quotes. Shelves: four-stars , aar-toplist , fiction , paranormal-romance , paranormal , reviewed-by-me , vampire , urban-fantasy , adult , romance.

I seldom skim pages, but whenever there was a lesser talking, I just had to skip pages. I barely liked the romance, so the one star. Oh, please let me have friends left, after this review. So that makes me abnormal. I want to be normal. I really thought that hard. I was seriously liking what I was reading. That is what the power of thought can do. Oh heck! I admit, I also have to give praise to J. Ward for writing this splendidly.

And seriously, my apologies for not liking the first book of the series. I am considering a re-read soon. This book, I truly enjoyed. Hmm, but why did I not give this book five stars? What happens when there are more than 24 lessers introduced? What would she call them then? It felt too redundant to me. But why did I seriously like it? Quick plot details ahead. Well, Rhage has been cursed by the Scribe Virgin.

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He could turn to a savage beast when he feels pain or any intense emotion. He needs an outlet, which are violence and sex. Well, that was until he met Mary Luce. Her voice could calm the beast inside him. But the thing is, Mary is sick. But they work that out. Where is the Jess that hated the first book in this series? Oh, I know where she is. She's in the man dungeon, with Rhage, learning how wrong about things she was. Hubba hubba.

Blew the first one out of the water. Me likey. Sure, I'm totally against what happened in the middle there. A smut-filled escapade with a dragon-vampire-man and his lady friend who happens to be dying of Leukemia. I want to screw you standing up, against the wall, I want you to sit on my hips and ride me until I can't breathe. But overall, Rhage got that magic peen that makes me forget to rhage about things. Bring on Z's book.

My body is ready. View all 73 comments. I expected to be disappointed with this but I wasn't. Not even one bit!!! And I'm screaming because Rhage is my favorite brother and hell yes his book was freaking great. View all 16 comments.

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Oct 24, Liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal , must-read , high-angst-alert , action-packed , high-steam-alert. Let me stay here with him. Beth and Wrath have settled in as King and Queen. This story in the series focuses on Rhage and his love Mary. Rhage is known as "Hollywood". He reminds me of a trained killer who suffers with ADHD! The only problem is that Rhage is suffering but it isn't attention defici "Please… God.

The only problem is that Rhage is suffering but it isn't attention deficit disorder. Because of a terrible curse, Rhage is forced to self medicate with booze and woman. If he doesn't, view spoiler [a beast will come out. Rhage is wandering through life. Although he loves his brothers, he is lonely and sickened by his lifestyle. Mary is a sweetheart. She spends her nights volunteering for a suicide hotline. She lives alone and cares deeply for her neighbor Bella.

Eternal Love, Eternal Life

She has befriended a young man ,named John, that she met form the suicide hotline. However, Mary's life is far from perfect, she has cancer. She calls the brotherhood for help. However, John is mute. Because of her ability to sign, Mary is brought in to the brotherhood mansion as a translator. While at the mansion, Rhage sees her and falls for her. Like he was having an orgasm and falling into a peaceful sleep at the same time. A chill shot through him, sucking the warmth out of his body.

He decides to see her again and again! Unfortunately, they get caught up with some lessers and Mary's life is now in danger. Now that Rhage has Mary right where he wants her in his care, bed, and home , he is happy to care for her. Mary is one tough chick. She finds out who Rhage is and she takes it just like a spoon full of sugar straight out of a Disney movie! Her strength never ceased to amaze me. She is undoubtedly falling for Rhage but she is so insecure about herself.

Also, she knows she is going to be facing the battle of her life. The parallels between this book and real life are genuine and raw. Learning to love and accept someone for exactly who they are is a beautiful thing. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Store Logo. CART 0. More Views. Description When you are looking for an outstanding, yet appropriate expression of sympathy at a wake or funeral, this colorful mixed flower bouquet makes an exquisite choice. Handcrafted by a local FTD artisan florist this vibrant purple and pink arrangement combines mini calla lilies, spider chrysanthemums, roses, stock, bupleurum, pompons and hydrangeas with a cascade of lush greenery that creates the illusion of "weeping".

It is set in a generously scaled plastic urn that has the look of white ceramic and makes an impressive and memorable way to deliver your condolences and manifest your sadness at a wake, funeral service or at the graveside. Your purchase includes a complimentary personalized gift message.

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