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All were betrayed to the forces of evil by conspirators in the United States government! When was the last time Communist penetration of the State Department was investigated? Both President Dwight D. Eisenhower and President Richard Milhous Nixon promised during their Presidential campaigns to "clean out" the agency! Neither did anything of the sort! Nor did they really intend to! Even during the purported "conservative" Reagan years the arrogant subversives were still untouchable entities! They insolently ran foreign policy contrary to the President's proclaimed goals and contrary to the best interests of America.

This is especially appalling when, according to the United States Government Organizational Manual, the State Department's primary objective is supposed to be "to promote the long-range security and well-being of the United States. The United States was supposedly helping Nationalist China by sending them hundreds of millions of dollars worth of war goods. The anti-Communist forces desperately needed small arms and ammunition. So entrenched were Communists in the State Department that Chiang got nothing of any value! His supply depots were turned into military junkyards.

Ambassador William D. Pawley blamed the tragic loss of China on the subversive machinations of Communist agents and pro-Communists solidly entrenched in the State Department. Edmund Clubb. Ambassador Pawley was asked if the Red takeover of the Chinese mainland could possibly have been the result of "sincere mistakes of judgment.

A total of eleven leftist advisors were finally unloaded by Hurley. They included George Acheson, Jr. Ludden, Fulton Freeman, Edward E. Rice, Philip D. Sprouse and Hungerford B. He explained: "I was called on the carpet, with a full array of the pro-Communists of the State Department as my judge and questioners.

Most of these subversives were now his bosses! For example, identified Communist John Carter Vincent became a division head! Arthur Ringwalt became acting chief of the China Division! Two other security risks became Ringwalt's assistants. John Paton Davies, identified as a Communist by Hurley was retained as a member of Dean Acheson's policy planning staff!. Published by CreateSpace Independent Publis Never used! This item is printed on demand. Americans were fighting and dying in a tragic no-win War in Vietnam.

Communist Occupied China was supplying the North Vietnamese enemy with light weapons, military equipment, at least 4, battle hardened officers and , combat veterans! Who could possibly have approved such leftist lunacy? A nameless and faceless Defense Department spokesman offered a ludicrous rationalization for training soldiers from Communist Occupied China. Americans were then told the snarling Russian Bear must be aided and appeased to make it "feel more secure.

At that time the "common threat" was supposedly Communist Occupied China. LoPresti had to use worn-out equipment in a field hospital near Pleiku. Spare parts weren't available for the generators at the field hospitals. Nor was the proper medical equipment! Wounded marines died unnecessarily as a result. Upon returning to the United States, LoPresti found the Communists were being supplied massive quantities of the same spare parts and equipment needed in Vietnam by American forces!

He revealed in January of "The same machinery I couldn't get, the same equipment that would have saved the lives of those marines was declared 'non-strategic' and shipped to the very countries that supplied the rifles and bullets that are killing our men! Nor did any of them intend to! A new era in treason was begun within weeks after Senator Barry Goldwater lost his Presidential bid in The radicalized Johnson Administration officially sanctioned a traitorous trip to wheel and deal for expanded business behind the Iron Curtain. Mass Market Paperback.

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Condition: Good. Seller Inventory PT From: William R. Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: None. LBP no. About this Item: Hardback. The book has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. Seller Inventory GOR Item added to your basket View basket. Proceed to Basket. View basket. Continue shopping. Moral Re-armament. Attorney Stanley Mosk. Mosk, Attorney Gen. Minute Man Network - Alerts. Castro blackmail. Central America - Honduras. Directory of the 89th. Cuba as base for spreading communism.

Cuba - Castro. Dominican Republic. Egypt - Israel - Yemen - Near East. Free China, Korea. Facts in education. Gold reserve, George R. Government secrecy. Haiti - Dominican Republic. Edgar Hoover's removal. International Court of Justice. Yorty, Mayor Sam. Reading Reform Foundation. Research Institute report. Walter Reuther. Rostow, Walt W. Foreign Policy. Labor strikes - Hoffa-Reuther Bridges. Major Arch E. Roberts, USAR.

Rousselot, John. South America to the left. State Department. State Department, Bryton Barron. State Dept. Third Party. Marshal Tito - Yugoslavia. Trade with Russia. Information agency. Robert Oppenheimer. Richard M. New Frontier - Plan for surrender. Near and far east, India, Laos, Vietnam. National Council of Churches. World Youth Crusade for Freedom. Los Angeles World Affairs Council. Foundation for Economic Education. The Independent American. We The People. The Dan Smoot Report. American Economic Foundation. The Free Society Association.

American Association of Retired Persons. African-American Affairs Association. Committee of One Million. Young Americans for Freedom. Mannion Forum. Americanism Education League. Pubic Action Incorporated. Adams Clayton Powell. Karl Prussian Foundation Heads Up. Portugal - Angola. Pocket Testament League.

Patriotic Education. Patriotic businesses and corporations. Oxford, Miss - Riots. Otepka, Otto - State Dept. American Legion. Oswald, Lee H. Liberty Lobby. America's Future. Citizen's Committee for a free Cuba. Americanism Educational League. Christian Anti-Communism Crusade. Betancourt of Venezuela. Braden, Thomas, W. Brown, Governor. Governor Brown - water, schools, metro, government. Business men in communism. Nelson Rockefeller. Edgar Hoover. Philip Jessup - World Court. George Catlett Marshall.

Jo McCarthy. Robert R. Labor - Walter Reuther. The Kennedy Boys. Richard Milhous Nixon. Richard Nixon's ambition. Thomas H. Hall of Free Enterprise. Herald of Freedom. Christian Crusade. Melville Burke. Mayor Yorty and the CDC. Venezuela and Betancourt. Voice of Americanism. Barry Goldwater.

Call to Treason

Walker, Maj. Edwin A. West Berlin and West Germany. Book lists, reprints. Speakers, programs, groups, anti-communists. Records Audio. Calling all conservatives! Communist trickery. How will the red butchers dispose of your family? The fearless American. Medicine leads the way. The poison and the antidote. Cybernetic warfare. Are you sure communism hasn't brainwashed you? Communist cancer. Is there still time to stop the Soviet Malignancy?

Red pipeline to Moscow. For heaven's sake! Mental Robots. Caldwell, Idaho: Caxton. American Opinion Dollar Reprint Series. The true aspects of the Algerian rebellion , published by the Ministere de L'Algerie, Cabinet du ministre. No wonder we are losing. New York: The Bookmailer.

Terrible revisited. Chadwick, Idaho: The Caldwell Printers. Brain washing in the high schools.

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George's Press. America's Unelected Rulers. The Case of General Edwin A. The Silencers. The Big Decision. Men of the Far Right.

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New York: Pyramid Books. The Fringe on Top. New York: American Features. The Fabulous Future. America in New York: Dutton. Your Rugged Constitution. Stanford University. The United States as a Communist Nation.. Chicago: Help Fight Communism. The Lattimore Story. New York: Devin-Adair. While You Slept. The Pentagon Case. New York: Freedom Press. Red Tide. The Conscience of a Conservative.

New York: Hillman Books. Where I Stand. New York: McGraw. The National Council of Churches. Glendale, California: Voice of Americanism Publishing. Should Christians Fight Communism? The Fearful Master. A Second Look at the United Nations. Boston: Western Islands 2 copies, variants. Terrible Revisited. Design for Dedicational. Foreword by Richard Cardinal Cushing. New York: Bookmailer. The Continuing Revolt. The Black Book on Red China.

The John Franklin Letters. Gold Swindle. The Story of Our Dwindling Gold. Profiles in Courage. New York: Pocket Books, Incorporated. A Program for Conservatives revised edition. Chicago: Regnery. A Business Man Looks at Communism 3rd. January Wichita, Kansas: Koch. November 17, And Not a Shot Is Fired. The Lesson of China's Loss. New York: Committee of One Million. Vietnam, an Eye-Witness Account. Springfield, Virginia: Crestwood.

The Leadership of President Kennedy. Caldwell, Idaho. John F.

What's Behind the Image? Washington, D. The Facts about Communism. Tulsa, Oklahoma: Christian Crusade. Communist America Must it be? Economics in One Lesson.

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A Texan Looks at Lyndon. Canyon, Texas: Palo Duro Press. The Soviet Stand on Germany. Khruschev in America. Keynes at Harvard. Veritas Foundation. Revitalizing a Nation. Chicago: Heritage Foundation. Glendale, California: Voice of Americanism. Fortress Cuba. Mama Went to War. Sheperdsville, Kentucky: Victor Publishing. Crisis Over Rhodesia. Baltimore, John Hopkins Press.

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Race and Reason. A Yankee View. California Dynasty of Communism. Fullerton, California: [Heads Up]. Reflections on Coming of Age. FEE Faces the Future. Slightly to the Right!

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