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Welcome to Animal Forum. The Web's best online community for Pet and Animal Lovers. Forum Cats Cat Chat. Last Jump to page: Threads 1 to 20 of Forum: Cat Chat General cat discussion. Advanced Search. Name Suggestions for New Kitten!! Do cats swim? My one kitten hates the other What now? Can I have two cats for emotional support? As you can see by my examples, we do not believe that the only qualified teachers are those with degrees in Education and endorsements by the state.

However, let me stress again that we took the accreditation process very seriously and we qualified or exceeded qualification for accreditation in every area except teacher certification. That, and some additional trends in the accreditation process, gave us pause.

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The CCS Board continues to evaluate whether or not we would desire to complete the accreditation compliance. At this time we have chosen not to. CCS has been sending students to colleges of their choice for many years.

Welcome to Animal Forum. The Web's best online community for Pet and Animal Lovers.

CCS alumni are engineers, pastors, teachers, nurses, business owners, executives, police officers, and many many other professions. What are colleges and universities looking for? That is the question parents should be asking. Colleges and Universities are well aware that high schools across the nation offer much the same curriculum on the one hand, but differ greatly from school to school when it comes to grading criteria.

High School transcripts communicate to a college, university or post secondary program which classes the student chose to take and how they performed in those classes. Students who take more challenging courses and do well in them are more highly desirable to these programs.

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CCS is a college preparatory program. We hold our students to some of the highest graduation requirements of schools in the state. Most of our High School students take four years of math, history, English and science, are fluent or close to it in Spanish, have taken on-line classes, and enroll in college level classes through Idaho colleges prior to graduation,.

Our standardized test scores are on average two years ahead. These factors make our students very desirable. Again, most CCS students are awarded not only admittance but merit scholarships at the colleges and universities they attend. Their academic records also makes them eligible for private scholarships and grants. Several times during these conversations, you asked great questions regarding meaty subjects which really warranted longer explanations and discussion. To meet that need, we are going to host a monthly Parent Forum to give us the opportunity as a school community to dive into the following subjects in more depth:.

Most months CCS will host an evening Parent Forum on the 3rd Monday of the month from to discuss one of these topics. We hope that you will watch your calendar for topics that interest you and choose to come join the conversation. In addition, this Cat Chat section of the CCS website will also provide a place where we can share topics of interest with you and open a dialogue.

Some of these topics will be spiritual and some academic. Most will not be specifically political or sectarian. Christian Education in a Tradition of Excellence since The Cat Chat What is Title 1? Friday, 26 October A shout out to Saikou! Siamese kittens for sale in the UK.

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Oriental kittens for sale in the UK. Siamese kittens for sale. Oriental kittens for sale. I'd like to recommend a new blog for anyone either looking for a Siamese or Oriental kitten, or for anyone who simply enjoys looking at lots of beautiful photos The blog belongs to my very good friend, Kim Baines, who breeds Siamese and Oriental cats and is based in the UK under the prefix of 'Saikou'.

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Kim also bred my beautiful Black Oriental, Baggy. I'm very proud to say that not only is Baggy the most wonderful baby I could ever have asked for, but he also holds the title of Grand Premier after being placed on the GCCF show bench. I can wholeheartedly recommend Kim as a breeder to anyone looking for a Siamese or Oriental baby. I first met Kim when looking for a kitten last year and I chose Saikou because I wanted a kitten from a reputable breeder who used good strong and healthy lines, and Kim and I become friends soon after.

Posted by SiameseOriental at 1 comment:. Clicker Training - After seeing some videos on how to clicker train your cat, what do people think? Might this be a good way to keep you cats mentally stimulated and a fun thing to do together? Mouse been savaged! Homer is devastated, but can we help to find a replacement!

Cat people and Dog people - Is there such a thing and, if so, are they compatible with one another?

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We have babies - Dora gives birth - many congratulations to Eunice! Frosty the Snow cat! Sexy Seal Point - Lauren's Latte - a breathtaking boy! Do they remember you?

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