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Warning: Some spoilers for season three of The Handmaid's Tale ahead!

SparkNotes: The Handmaid’s Tale: Chapters 1–3

Image Source: Everett Collection. The Handmaid's Tale TV. Around The Web.

An object of fear and guilt

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Get the Daily Inside Scoop Right in your inbox. Customize Select the topics that interest you:. Who could ever forget the very-non-Gilead moment when Winslow rubbed Waterford's shoulder at the pool table? When we talked to executive producer Warren Littlefield, he alluded to an intimate relationship brewing between Commander Winslow and Commander Waterford. But we never actually saw it play out. Let's not forget, Gilead considers those who engage in homosexual relationships "gender traitors," and they're often killed, brutally punished, or sent to the Colonies.

Is there possibly some kind of attraction here?

Biblical References in The Handmaid’s Tale

Melano also spoke with Bazaar , about his character's shocking death, and his final line: "My children. With Commander Winslow's death and Commander Waterford's arrest, it looks like June is getting closer and closer to accomplishing her goal. He often seems a decent, well-meaning man, and Offred sometimes finds that she likes him in spite of herself.

He almost seems a victim of Gilead, making the best of a society he opposes.

However, we learn from various clues and from the epilogue that the Commander was actually involved in designing and establishing Gilead. Her defiant nature contrasts starkly with the behavior of the other women in the novel.

Rather than passively accept her fate as a Handmaid, she makes several escape attempts and finally manages to get away from the Red Center. However, she is caught before she can get out of Gilead.

The Handmaid’s Tale - Official Trailer HD - Hulu 2017

Later, Offred encounters Moira working as a prostitute in a club for the Commanders. At the club, Moira seems resigned to her fate, which suggests that a totalitarian society can grind down and crush even the most resourceful and independent people.

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Read an in-depth analysis of Moira. He and Offred have a sexual chemistry that they get to satisfy when Serena Joy orchestrates an encounter between them in an effort to get Offred pregnant. After sleeping together once, they begin a covert sexual affair.