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Gellatly, B. Masters, I. Techn Sci,Appl Mechanics, Vol. Ingle, R. Roark's formulas for stress and strain. Wang, A-J, and D. Xie, H. Andrews, E. IS , Ductile Design and detailing of reinforced concrete structures subjected to seismic forces Code of practice. International Journal of Engineering. Zhang and M. Pan, L. Wu, Y. Sun, Z. Zhou and J. Rastgar, M. Sivaram, D. Yuvaraj, Amin Salih Mohammed, V. Porkodi, V. Batri, M. Computer Science and Engineering. Authors: Harikrishna Bommala, S. Kiran, K. Harikrishna Bommala, Dr.

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Research , Vol. Guthrie and J. M El-Gindy. A Baiomy, M. Adeodu and O. Pergamon Press plc,Vol. Vanamane, P. Mane, K. Ramesh, P. Karunaker and L. Amarnath, G. Sanjeev, P. Surendernath, V. Nasr N. Authors: Liji R F, M. References: Bertalmio, G. Sapiro, C. Ballester ,V. Proceedings of Siggraph , ,pp Chan, J. Bertalmio, A. Bertozzi, G. Fadili, J. Starck and F. Eftychios, A. ICIP ,, pp. Timothy K Shih. Efros and T. Elad, M. ACHA , ,pp — On Cir. And Syst For Video Tech. Dongwook Cho and Tien D.

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References: Schyndel, A. Tirkel and C. Charkari N. Larijani H. Fredric M. GrawHill, Singapore, , pp. Hernandez, F. Perez Gonzalez and J. Hwang M. Neural Networks and Signal Processing,,vol 2. References: Burse K. Subramanian K, Savitha R, Suresh M, , A complex-valued neuro-fuzzy inference system and its learning mechanism, Neurocomputing, , pp. Information Sciences. Yavuz, O. References: Warszawski, A. Rahman, Herawati Zetha. Simanjuntak, M. Yu Rajgor, M. Francisco Loforte Ribeiro K Civil Engineering Constructors. Akoud, H. New Jersey Institute of Technology. Value Standard and Body of Knowledge.

Ning, L. A building cost estimation model based on functional elements, Akoud, H. Trizcon , 1— Performance Evaluation References: K. Chan, C. References: Artamonov, Vladimir S. Gordienko, and Anatoly S. Ilott, Sarah. Todorova, Bogdana. Zhu, Yun Pei, et al. Vojvodic, Aleksandra, et al. Binder, Maximilian, et al. Nakata, Shogo, et al. Vaishnavi Devi, D. Vignesh D. Van Oudheusden et al. Forbes, J. Holt and A. Srividya, Dr. Velkennedy, G. Senthilkumar K.

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Power Syst. Aggarwal, T. Res, 4 10 , , pp. Kraweic, S. IEEE Electr. Fofana, I. Liu, R. Eberhardt, R. Pukel, G. Oommen, T. IEEE Tech. Textile, Fiber and Film Industry Conf. Oommen T. Martin, R. Brochure No. Abeysundara, D. Borsi, H. Kuwahara, H. McShane, C.

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P, Gauger, G. Mehta, D. Rao, U. Moore, S. Power Del.

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Ju, Upendra Behera, S. Meena, M. Meena KS Vasanthi T. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ; 11 1 : World Journal of Engineering research and Technology ; 3 3 Asian Journal of Information Technology ; 15 3 Vijay and V. Volume 7, No. Number 4, Pp. Yucelen, O. Kaymakci, S. Kundariya And J. Banerjee and A. Guman, V. Al-Mter and S. Geramipour, Arezou, M. Khazaei, A. Marjaninejad, and M. Harijan, M. Shaikh, B. Arain, T. Memon And I. Ciganek, M. Kocur And S. Eberhart and J. Gupta, K. Khare And R. Jena and S. Authors: G. Ramprabu, T.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Life of Milton, by Richard Garnett, LL.D.

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Bhunga, Dr. Muralidharan S, Saraswathy V. Muthulingam S. Raksha J. Tara Sen, H. Van der Zanden A. Wonga H. S, Zhao Y. X, Karimi A. R, Buenfeld N. R, Jin W. References: M. Torky, I. Elamvazuthi, and N. Abdulrazaqa Jassim, N. Abdulrazaq, and A. Gowri Shankar, R. Nadhiya, A. Priya, and R. Saraswati, E.

Kuantama, and P. Zilouchian, and M. Prajapati, and A. Dil, Ishtiaq A. Qazi, M. Baig, E. Khan, and A. Rhowel Dellosa, J. The various methods of air conditioning gas inlet turbine performance, energy , vol. V, Admission system for industrial gas turbine "cranfield university, United Kingdom. The theory and operation of evaporative cooler for industrial gas turbine.

Journal of Gas Turbine Power, , pp. Improves the performance of Fars gas turbines. Iran , combined cycle power plant by air intake cooling using a media evaporative cooler, Ener. Manage, vol. Improvement of the performance of a gas turbine cycle using a desiccant evaporative cooling system, J. Increase in the performance of the gas turbine using air.

Gestapo Officer 1 episode, Sinisa Copic Gestapo Officer 1 episode, Neal Horton Gestapo Officer 1 episode, Christian Manon Louis Roche 1 episode, Pip Miller Ryan 1 episode, Jesse Rowles Gestapo Officer 1 episode, Juliet Lochrin Young woman at abortion clinic 1 episode, Vanessa Buckley Nurse Milly uncredited 1 episode, Ehran Edwards Bridesmaid uncredited 1 episode, James Gallo Steward uncredited 1 episode, Jessie Karam Dancer uncredited 1 episode, Vanessa Pitrau Parisienne uncredited 1 episode, Ryan Faherty Partygoer uncredited 1 episode, Stephanie Di Giacomo Edit page.

Add episode. Share this page:. Favorite Period Dramas. Best TV series. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. George Bligh 67 episodes, Jack Duncan 67 episodes, Anna Bligh 67 episodes, Roy Briggs 66 episodes, Carolyn Bligh 59 episodes, Doris Collins 59 episodes, James Bligh 56 episodes, Gino Poletti 45 episodes, Sir Richard Bennett 28 episodes, Harry Polson 26 episodes, Rose O'Connell 22 episodes, Prudence Swanson 22 episodes, David Bligh 19 episodes, Norman Parker 18 episodes, Georgie Bligh 14 episodes, Andrew Swanson 13 episodes, Leah Gold 13 episodes, Frank Gibbs 12 episodes, Alma Grey 12 episodes, Carla Poletti 11 episodes, Matthew Goddard 10 episodes, Amo Poletti 10 episodes, Larry Grey 10 episodes, Sergeant Brian Taylor 10 episodes, Delia Craig 9 episodes, Marjorie Carlin 8 episodes, Bert Ford 7 episodes, Peg Maloney 7 episodes, Colin Walker 7 episodes, Stan O'Rourke 7 episodes, Amy Polson 7 episodes, Amy Polson 6 episodes, Eve Walker 6 episodes, Stan O'Rourke 6 episodes, Gilda Poletti 6 episodes, Duty Nurse 6 episodes, Ed Jarvis 5 episodes, Miriam Goldberg 5 episodes, Gordon Walsh 5 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Bennett 1 episode, Sir Richard's Assistant Poppy 1 episode, Detective Sergeant Kane 1 episode, Newman 1 episode, Dotti Tait 1 episode, Agatha 1 episode, Young James 1 episode, Rabbi 1 episode, Detective 2 1 episode, Nazi Soldier 2 1 episode, Young Roy Briggs 1 episode, Valda 1 episode, Paul 1 episode, Jill Perryman 1 episode, Refuge Man 1 episode, Young Jack 1 episode, Jewish Man 1 episode, Nurse 1 episode, Internee 1 1 episode, Doctor 1 episode, Sam 1 episode, Kevan Johnston 1 episode, Graham Cowan 1 episode, Rabbi Max Cohen 1 episode, Rod 1 episode, Kenneth Cohen 1 episode, Headmistress 1 episode, Forbes 1 episode, Young Anna 1 episode, Nancy Brent 1 episode, Civil Marriage Celebrant 1 episode, Internee 2 1 episode, Simon Hallow 1 episode, Milly Davies 1 episode, Facility Nurse 1 episode, Craig 1 episode, Maid 1 episode, Charles Stone 1 episode, Driver 1 episode, Young Gino 1 episode, Baby George 1 episode, Dressage Girl 1 episode, Linda Brent 1 episode, Internee 3 1 episode, 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