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Inspiring new generation

And as the Son of Man, he stands as the true Israel—not the faithless one.

Jesus’ Teachings – I Am The True Vine, Part1

Unlike faithless Israel, Jesus bears good fruit in obedience to his Father. Truth number 2: the Father is a just and merciful vinedresser. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit. He is just in that he judges those who do not bear fruit; and he is merciful in that he prunes those who do bear fruit.

He is just in that he takes away fruit less branches. This should not surprise us, especially in light of what we saw from the Old Testament. The pattern in the Old Testament is that bad fruit deserves judgment; it has severe consequences. And the reason for those severe consequences is that God will not be mocked. He is on an unstoppable mission to flood the earth with his glory and destroy anything that raises its hand against his glory.

That should sit on you as a very sobering reality. No fruit means eternal fire.

Apostle Matthew Botha - Second 8th Week Ministries

Now I know some people use verse 2 to say that genuine believers can be cut off from Christ and lose their salvation. But that interpretation makes nonsense of the rest of the passage, which says very plainly that when a branch abides in Jesus, it will most certainly bear fruit And one by one we see them falling away as Jesus keeps speaking his words , ; , 31, 37 , the most recent example being Judas Iscariot Judas bore bad fruit, and God cut him off Having Jesus in us is the fruit of the new birth—the new transformation inside—when the sap of his life feeds our needy soul.

If you abide in Christ, there is no condemnation left for you. He absorbed it in his body on the tree. And he rose from the dead to live in you by the Spirit, and produce all kinds of God-glorifying fruit in you. Abiding in Jesus keeps you from living the kind of life that would send you to hell. That anybody is in the vine is by sheer mercy. And the way he works in us is by pruning. The trials are the tool God uses to prune us and make us bear more fruit. And I want to say Amen to that truth, which is taught all over the place in our Bibles, like in Rom and Heb and Jas Not a single trial in your life is in vain.

The Father uses it to prune you. The tool the Father uses to prune us in this passage the specific tool is his word.

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Then later in verse 7, Jesus will talk about his words abiding in us. And so I think the tool the Father uses to prune us, so that we bear more fruit, is his word given through Jesus. That puts some perspective on your Bible reading, does it not? We want his word to cut off our idols, to lop off all our remaining pride, we want his sword to penetrate our motives and expose our foolish passions.

An Experience with Pruning

And that hurts, because where there is pruning there is dying. Dying to self to see more of Christ living through you. It cut on me last week while Ben was preaching. And I know the word is cutting on others of you. The pruning may hurt now, but trust the merciful Vinedresser.

His cuts are wise and his grace will heal the wounds, so that you bear more fruit. So why bother with any other vine, right? How are they going to remain in Jesus when the air of desertion is so thick?

Remember that? And you [disciples] are clean , but not every one of you. My cross and resurrection will seal it. Look at If you believe in Jesus this morning, the same is true for you. He has chosen you for fruit. He has cleansed you to bear fruit. He has bound you to himself to carry his life in you. If you have heard that word and believed it and delight in it—if you treasure that word such that you have no hope without that word—then you are in the vine. The word of Jesus is sufficient to bind you to the vine. Everything you need to be in the vine, Jesus has finished it.

Why would we choose to do anything else? In Jesus we find everything for life and joy and hope and salvation. In Jesus we find safety from the wrath of God. In Jesus the Father nurtures and cares for his people. They live in constant dependence on the vine. Same for you and me.


I am the vine; you are the branches. Listen, the vine is Christ, and all there is in the vine for the benefit of the branches. Ryle put it Ryle, John , In Christ, you have access to all the wisdom you need to lead your household well. Both of you can draw from Jesus for wisdom, humility, and more grace. And he will grant it—that might mean his word prunes you first instead of your spouse, but he will grant it.

Hebrews 12 says that Jesus endured hostility from sinners, in order that we might not grow weary and lose heart. You can not lie anymore , you can not steal or cheat because this is not you , it is the truth in you — carrying everywhere you go. It means if you only know the real truth. Your chain will be broken and for sure you know what is right and what is wrong. By this truth we can know his Unending Love click here for to read it.

The heart of God , Is truly full of truth. Grab the heart of God , you will not do anything wrong.

The True Vine

If we do , we are going the wrong direction. I want us to keep our heads held high with no condemnation. Truth is a helper of me and you in this broken world. I did not know about it , But God of all mercy revealed to me. How and when? By being humble and obedience.

I Am (Part 7) - The True Vine

It is okay. We are not surrender to the desire of this broken world but we are surrender to the only Son of God , Jesus Christ. Forgiveness would be possible by the spark of this truth. Let God change your heart to his truth. Than you will know why Christ dies for us? Than you can forgive others in this truth. By doing that , you accept to the holy spirit of God reveals the more real truth of himself.

I am the True Vine - He Reads Truth

The above four , they are the sign of a growing person in God. But for sure there are a lot into it. Truth , Faith , Hope , Love , they all working together. If you know the real truth , you can not hate the image of God human on this earth. You love everyone , forgive them. You have everlasting hope and your heart is full of life as you are holding to the faith. Unending Love. The True Vine. You Are All Together Beautiful. Like Liked by 3 people. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Liked by 2 people. Like Like.

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