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Generally, the fashionable lady's look for the bulk of the medieval period was as follows- high forehead, plucked eyebrows, small even teeth, a fair complexion, long neck, narrow chest, low sloping shoulders, high small waist and in some cases, a prominent stomach. Women were often described as fair regardless of their natural colouring because fair was the idealised idea of beauty.

Beauty and hygiene is divided into nine separate pages-. Health and Hygiene.

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Tagged: china vlogging livestream Filter. Henrietta Leyser goes on to explain where the texts are believed to have originated and why.

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Those treatises are known as- Trotula A , Trotula B which is distinctive for its large number of cosmetic recipes for the face and hair , and Trotula C or The Book of Rota. Shown at right is a detail from a sculpture of the Madonna and Child from approximately showing a woman possessing all the qualities of a beautiful medieval woman.

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